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Sunshine Village Grill is an all-day breakfast and lunch restaurant located near Bloor St W and Runnymede Rd in Toronto. It was opened by owners who have a passion for delivering quality food and providing good customer service. We serve Canadian and American style breakfast like eggs, omelettes, pancakes, waffles, and a yummy coffee. We also serve lunch items like burgers, sandwiches and salads.

Sunshine Village Grill was built under one philosophy, any dish served by us will always have to have a positive impact in your plate. That’s why at SVG we only buy freshest ingredients and vegetables to be served. We not only pride our selves in the variety of delicious foods we carry but also in our exceptional customer service. Our policy is to always have every customer leave our location with a pleasant and happy experience.

Unlike typical breakfast restaurants, at SVG we take pride in associating our brand to quality. High quality ingredients, high quality customer service and high-quality food to be served. Sunshine Village grill is a friendly environment for people of all ages, our staff and management enjoy serving people form all walks of life to try our breakfast and lunch.

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